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In today’s competitive ecommerce playing field, visibility is just as important for marketplaces as it is for online retailers. This was no different for Shopee, a marketplace with over 160 million active product listings from around 6 million individual sellers across the region. The marketplace behemoth knew they needed to gain visibility in order to stay relevant and continue to grow. This is why they chose to focus their attention on Google Shopping Ads.

Use case: Google Shopping

Number of sellers: 6 million

Number of product listings: 160 million


    Creating and running Google Shopping ad campaigns comes with a long list of product feed requirements and logistics. For Shopee, these tasks would need to be applied to each individual seller. That said, they were facing three key challenges.

    1. Google's unique feed specifications

    Shopee would need to make sure that their Google Shopping feeds were tailored to the channels unique feed specifications. This meant they would first need to structure their feed to include all of the required attributes for Google Shopping, like brand, color, and size. Several key fields like title, descriptions, and product URLs would also need to be modified to ensure correct length and content. At the time, Shopee was working with a service provider who would take months to perform even the smallest modifications to their feed. This decreased the efficiency of their marketing process and increased the time it took to get their products to market.

    2. Google product taxonomies

    Shopee would also face the challenge of having to categorize each and every product in their feed to match Google’s taxonomies. Although not yet requirement in SEA, Shopee knew that proper taxonomies would drastically increase their feed quality and help their ads surface with relevant searches. If done correctly, it would increase traffic and overall performance. Categorizing manually, however, would require several days, or even weeks to complete. They would also be at a greater risk for human error. In the meantime, Shopee would be missing out on clicks and revenue opportunities.

    3. Multi-Merchant Center Accounts

    As a marketplace, Shopee would need to create and manage a Merchant Center sub account for each individual seller of the products they’d want to advertise. This would mean multiple accounts for multiple countries. Given the time and resources it takes to manage even a few Merchant Center (MC) accounts, with more than 10,000 sellers it would be a near impossible task. Moreover, they would need to monitor the limit that Google Adwords puts on the number of multi-client accounts allowed. This would require them to manually delete sellers in order to replace them with new sellers if they hit their limit.

    It became clear that Shopee needed a more efficient way to enter the Google Shopping playing field.


    Shopee was able to overcome all of the above challenges easily by switching to an intuitive software like Productsup.

    1. Feed customization made simple

    With Productsup’s predefined Google Merchant Center export template, Shopee was able to perfectly structure their feed to the channel’s exact specification within minutes. Using the softwares intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, they simply had to map the columns from their original feed to their new Google Merchant Center feed. The Productsup feed analysis feature allowed Shopee to check every single product for any channel-specific errors within seconds. By quickly auditing both their entire feed and specific attribute columns – they knew exactly which edits to make and where. This drastically minimized the time necessary for manual auditing. Creating a perfectly tailored product feed for Google Shopping was no challenge for Shopee thanks to the 200+ preconfigured bulk-editing boxes on Productsup. What would have taken them months, now only took them a few minutes.

    2. Automatic creation & easy management of MC sub accounts

    Shopee was able to run their Shopping Ad Campaigns without ever having to create or manage a Merchant Center sub account thanks to Productsup automating the task. With the smart integration of the Google Content API and it’s Delta functionality, the marketplace could be confident that all of their sub accounts were up-to-date at all times. With Delta exports, the API would only send product or sub-account information if a change (new, updated, or deleted information) had been made. This greatly reduced the time it took for changes to appear within every individual Merchant Center sub account.

    3. Automated category mapping

    In order to drastically cut the time spent on category mapping, Shopee used the Productsup Category Mapping List feature. Instead of having to manually enter each individual category, they were able to pull relevant data from already existing attributes like product-type. From there, they could easily map the information to the relevant Google category.
    The support team at Productsup has been superb. If they were a feature, I’d say it’s one of the best. They’ve helped us create custom editing boxes that maximize our efficiency and have provided valuable insights along the way.
    Mengfei Wu
    Regional Online Marketing


    With the help of Productsup, Shopee has drastically cut the time it takes to get their Shopping Ads live. They are now able to run entire Shopping campaigns in a fraction of the time it took previously–without any manual work. Since utilizing the Productsup software, their Shopping ads have scaled ten-fold, resulting in a 1000% increase in traffic. Google Shopping has become one of their most scalable and fastest growing advertising channels.

    With our previous solution provider, any changes to our feed would be left pending for a month, even for smaller edits to our titles or descriptions. Now, we can have our Shopping Ads live within just a few days. This simply wouldn’t be possible without Productsup.
    Han Kou
    Associate, Regional Online Marketing

    About Shopee

    Shopee is the leading ecommerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. As a platform tailored for the region, it provides customers with an easy, secure, and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support. Shopee has a wide selection of product categories ranging from consumer electronics and home & living, all the way to health & beauty, baby & toys, fashion, and fitness equipment. Shopee was first launched in Singapore in 2015, and has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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