Discover leading-edge advancements in ARGE DQR 9.0 for the HVAC industry

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Organizations rely heavily on accurate and up-to-date information to make informed decisions in today's data-driven world. Data quality and reporting play a vital role in this process. As technology evolves, so does the need for advanced tools and standards to ensure data accuracy and transparency.

ARGE Neue Medien has more than 100 brand manufacturers in the HVAC industry and it’s responsible for coordinating quality control of product data and establishing standard data formats for its member companies. Additionally, ARGE DQR is a leading data quality and remediation platform that assists organizations in enhancing the quality of their data.

What's new in ARGE DQR 9.0 latest version release?

ARGE DQR 9.0 is the ninth version of the Data Quality Requirements (DQR) for the German building technology (SHK) industry. It was released on April 1, 2023, and supersedes the previous version, DQR 8.0. The latest release, ARGE DQR 9.0, includes powerful new features that make finding, fixing, and preventing data quality issues easier.

The DQR defines the requirements for product data quality in the SHK industry. It covers all aspects of product data, from defining data elements to exchanging data between different systems.

ARGE master data CSV interface | Everything you need to know

The ARGE master data CSV interface maps the article master data for the German HVAC industry. This interface comprises multiple CSV files, each responsible for handling specific data types.

The following is a list of all individual files and their uses:

File name File purpose
1 Kopfdaten.csv Delivery header data
2 artikel.csv Basic data of the article
3 artikeldokumentenzuordnungen.csv Image and document assignments for the article
4 artikelmasse.csv Item Dimensions
5 Dimensionstexte.csv Dimension texts for the item
6 Zusaetzliche_artikeltexte.csv Optional additional article texts
7 artikelzubehoer.csv Accessory products for the article
8 artikelsets.csv Item sets
9 rohstoffe.csv Raw material information from the article
10 artikelattribute.csv Attributes of the article (individually or related to an attribute system, e.g. ETIM)
11 Gruppen.csv Definition of commodity groups, product groups, discount groups, and bonus groups
12 gruppendokumentenzuordnungen.csv Documents assigned to the groups
13 langtexte.csv Definition of long texts and long text lines
14 Linienpreise.csv Definition of price lines
15 ersatzteillisten.csv Definition of the spare parts lists
16 historische_produkte.csv Basic data on historical products

These above CSV files collectively form the structure of the ARGE master data CSV interface. It facilitates the management and representation of article master data for the German HVAC industry.

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Essential requirements for all feed files

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Innovative additions and transformations in ARGE DQR 9.0

ARGE DQR 9.0 provides groundbreaking enhancements that redefine your data management and will empower your operations with cutting-edge improvements. Stay at the forefront of industry standards with progressive upgrades and changes. Explore leading-edge advancements that set new benchmarks and embrace inventive changes and upgrades for unparalleled efficiency in ARGE DQR 9.0. DQR 9.0 has several new features and changes, including the following

  • Article types – variants and sets – are defined more precisely. It will improve the consistency and accuracy of product data.
  • The deletion of articles is now more precisely defined, preventing data errors.
  • The terminology for the dimensions of basic articles was updated for greater clarity. The previous identifiers "a," "b," and "c" have been replaced with "length," "width," and "height," making it easier to understand the dimensions of products.
  • Multiple specifications of a series to an article are now possible, allowing for more flexibility in the way that product data is managed.
  • Changes to set articles are no longer allowed, preventing data errors.
  • The character length for file names was extended, allowing for longer and more descriptive file names.
  • For DQR 9 data deliveries, the permissible ETIM classification system codes include "ETIM 7," "ETIM 8," and "ETIM 9." Data deliveries compliant with DQR 8 can be submitted using ETIM 7 and ETIM 8 data until September 30th, 2023. Starting from April 1st, 2023, data deliveries conforming to DQR 9 may include ETIM 8 and ETIM 9 data, and for the final time, ETIM 7 data. The use of ETIM 7 will no longer be allowed upon the introduction of DQR 10.

The DQR 9.0 is available for download on the ARGE Neue Medien website. You can also find more information about the DQR on the website, including the full text of the DQR, FAQs, and other resources.

Here are some of the references for ARGE DQR 9.0:


The release of ARGE DQR 9.0 is a significant event for the German building technology (SHK) industry. The new version of the DQR includes new leading-edge features and progressive changes that will improve the quality and consistency of product data. This is important for businesses in the SHK industry, as it will allow them to better communicate with their customers and partners.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the HVAC industry, continuous improvement in product data quality is a crucial foundation for process optimization. Ready to optimize your industrial processes and stay ahead in your industry?

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