Boozt Fashion boosts its feed-based marketing campaigns with Productsup

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  • 10% increase in CTR

    on Google Shopping

  • Only 2 hours

    to launch a new channel

  • Zero

    platform downtime


Boozt Fashion is a fashion retailer selling fashion and lifestyle products online in the Nordic region of Europe. They offer a curated and contemporary selection of brands through their multi-brand webstores, and Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Malmö, Sweden, Boozt has roughly 1,500 employees and is in 14 markets across Northern and Central Europe. Their mission is to offer an outstanding online shopping experience to over 3 million customers, providing unrivaled customer service and making Boozt the leading ecommerce company in the Nordics.

The performance marketing team at Boozt aims to provide their customers with a consistent and engaging shopping experience across different consumer touchpoints within their 14 active markets. With the help of the Productsup Product-to-Consumer platform, they can streamline how they manage their product data, ensuring the data matches the format requirements of their marketing partners (e.g. Google Shopping, Facebook) and is tailored to resonate with the needs of their target audiences.


  • Complex data distribution
  • Dependence on IT department
  • Ever-changing channel requirements

Boozt Fashion realized that having a feed management tool would significantly impact its marketing operations. The performance marketing team faced the difficult process of providing product data in specific formats for distribution to affiliate partners and Google Shopping.

Before integrating the Productsup platform, they relied on their IT department to structure and tailor this product data for their marketing partners. This wasn’t sustainable in the long run, as it consumed much time and resources.

Moreover, channel requirements are constantly changing. Boozt needed a system that allowed them to quickly adapt and optimize their product data to keep their product offering available and up-to-date on all channels, so consumers could easily find them.


  • Streamlining feed marketing operations
  • Effective data manipulation
  • Reliable error monitoring

Originally, Boozt Fashion considered building an in-house solution after exploring the Productsup platform. However, they realized Productsup offered a whole range of features that could streamline and scale their marketing operations without requiring IT assistance.

Using the Productsup platform, they can now efficiently meet their customer’s needs by providing localized product content to different markets using translation rule boxes. Moreover, the platform enables the team to easily manipulate data feeds, remove data with the skip-row feature or add additional data sources to enrich the product content and comply with all channel requirements.

In addition, the error monitoring function notifies the team members if any issues occur during feed processing (e.g. if data is incorrect or missing) to ensure that the exported data meets their high-quality standards.


  • High flexibility and agility
  • Time-to-market significantly decreased
  • Increase in CTR

Thanks to the Productsup platform, Boozt Fashion now operates with agility and flexibility in the dynamic fashion market. The team can quickly adapt to new channel requirements while constantly optimizing product data feeds and prioritizing products with higher margins. Boozt now exports 6 million SKUs daily from 1,600 brands across 14 markets.

The Productsup platform significantly decreased the time-to-market for Boozt’s products across all channels. It enables the team to go live on any new channel within 2 hours at any given moment. Before using Productsup, it took Boozt’s IT team at least 24 hours to make minor adjustments to one feed, slowing down business operations and profitability. Looking at Google Shopping specifically, Boozt saw an increase of almost 10% in CTR on the channel after optimizing their data feeds by adding more relevant and precise product information.

With ongoing support, Boozt can always count on Productsup as a reliable and supportive partner. Since the implementation, Boozt hasn’t experienced any platform downtime. Whenever the team has an issue, the Productsup Customer Service team is at hand, providing them with timely feedback and support.

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Jesper Jensen
Media & Online Marketing Director at Boozt Fashion

“Data feed management is one of the most undervalued assets in online marketing, it’s crucial for business success. Feed-based marketing has become our bread and butter. If we didn’t have Productsup, we’d potentially miss out on 10% traffic because we couldn’t efficiently optimize our data feeds.”

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