All US retailers can now upload products to be eligible in Google search results—for free


    Retailers in the US can now upload product data directly to Google Merchant Center. This update comes with two key implications. First, all uploaded products will be eligible for display in results on Google with no payment or campaign required. Second, Google will be able to rely less on crawling sites and structured data markup to get up-to-date, real-time product data.
    This change is also part of Google’s overall efforts to help shoppers along their journey. Google will be ranking products and product information solely on relevance to the search query, ensuring that its listings are always genuinely useful.
    Other countries will be supported later in the year.
    This update also comes with two further changes Google is currently rolling out.

    • A new “products” report in Google Search Console will create reports for sites using structured data. This will highlight any errors found in the structured data and make it easy to validate when such problems are fixed.
    • Brands can now add product description, variants, and rich content like images and videos to the Manufacturer Center.

    Read more on Google.

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