No more unexpected shipping costs: GMC product feed update

[WP Import] No more unexpected shipping costs: GMC product feed update

Google has updated its product feed specifications to allow for more accurate shipping rates!

Online shoppers all too often abandon their shopping cart due to unexpected shipping costs being added. Google is helping to stop this.

Many of the major US carriers have started including product dimensions - in addition to product weight - in calculating shipping costs.  Until now, you could only include your "shipping weight"  as a product attribute in your Google Merchant Center product feed. You can now add the product shipping dimensions, which will ensure that you show more accurate shipping rates to your online shoppers.

To make use of the new carrier-calculated rates, you need to be using one of the supporting carriers for your shipments. As the carrier rates change so will your shipping rates change accordingly, and automatically.

The three product attributes that are added to the product feed are:

  • "shipping length"
  • "shipping height"
  • "shipping width"

Note: This update is currently only available in the US. See Google's updates to the product feed specifications here.

Learn more about Google's introduction of "dimensional weight support".

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