15,000 products on Amazon in just 24h

[WP Import] 15,000 products on Amazon in just 24h

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Do you want to sell your products on Amazon? Or are you looking for a more efficient way to list and update your thousands of products on the marketplace? If so, you’ll be happy to know that there is a solution.

We all know that Amazon is notorious for their strict feed rules and regulations. As a result, preparing, structuring, and exporting a high-quality Amazon feed takes several days or weeks to complete, right? Wrong!
So how can the process be sped up? We’ll get to that. Let’s first take a look at the challenges that Amazon Sellers face when preparing their feed, which include:

  • __Feed customization__: The meer structuring and formatting of a massive data set can take ages. Now add heavy Amazon rules onto that and it can take even longer. Even the smallest details need to be correct including things like field titles and the character count of certain fields.
  • __Amazon ASIN requirements__: All products on Amazon needs a specific product identifier called an ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). Manually collecting and adding these to the feed can take days.
  • __Maintaining accurate product information__: Amazon is extremely customer focused and has set high-expectations that you provide as accurate information as possible to their users. This means you need to export your feed regularly. If done manually, this can waste both valuable time and resources.

Customer Success Story

Our latest success story talks about Expand Online as a good example of a company that was facing these exact challenges when wanting to get their client’s products on Amazon.
Luckily, the Dutch online marketing agency was able to bypass all of these challenges with Productsup.
If you’re facing similar challenges, see what Expand Online did to streamline their feed management and get their client’s 15,000 products listed on the Amazon Marketplace by the end of the first day!!  

“Not having to manually add products to Amazon eliminated the most time consuming aspect of the process.” - Iris van Hees, Online Marketing Consultant eCommerce

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