Life at Productsup: Nathalie’s journey

Life at Productsup: Nathalie’s journey Life at Productsup: Nathalie’s journey

The people at Productsup are what make this company a great place to work. Take it from someone who has been with us for nearly six years. Her Productsup story gives a glimpse into the career opportunities and long-lasting memories that come from working with us.

Meet Nathalie

Nathalie Kreimes

I’m Nathalie – Team Lead Marketing Programs at Productsup. I’m from London and have been working in marketing for over a decade. After 11 glorious years in Berlin, I recently moved to a tiny village close to Frankfurt in the south of Germany with my husband and two children. The goats, horses, and tractors outside my door now make for a nice change from my usual morning commute on Berlin’s U8.

What is your Productsup story?

After a number of B2B marketing roles, I knew I loved events, and I was looking to really specialize in this area. I joined Productsup nearly six years ago in the summer of 2017 to do exactly that. I was the fourth marketing hire and immediately fell in love with the company culture, pace, and energy. My first day was brilliant (my desk was decorated with a light-up sign and sweets - the whole shebang!) and I remember feeling so welcomed by everyone. Soon after I joined, I remember telling a colleague at the time, “Is this real!? This team is amazing.” I think I really lucked out in joining at a very special time in Productsup’s history. Of course, we were a much smaller team back then, but we were on a very interesting and enjoyable growth path. Nowadays, I’m able to work remotely from the picturesque countryside and still have a strong connection with my team and work on great projects. I love that.

What do you do at Productsup?

I’ve seen the marketing department grow from a mere four people to now more than 30. As you can imagine, that has been quite eventful. Just a few years ago, we were at a size where we could try out a lot of things very fast and really be creative and spontaneous with our plans. While we are still creative now, we are much more data-driven and have built up the processes within our team to work like a well-oiled machine to achieve certain results, which is one of the things I love about this department. Each team member is really an expert in their field that you can rely on and it’s impressive to see what we’ve built together, especially within the last 18 months.

How big were the changes between the different roles you had?

In my time here, I progressed from Global Event Manager to Team Lead Marketing & Events, then made a lateral switch to Marketing Programs and have followed the same path there. The opportunities I’ve had here have been spectacular and would probably take 10+ years in a less agile environment. One of my highlights, and something that felt pretty special, was getting a call while on maternity leave with an offer for a new team lead role. I remember talking in my “mum & baby” groups to other marketing professionals at similar companies and hearing them complain about being left out of meetings coming out of their maternity leave and just feeling really sorry that that was the case elsewhere. So getting the chance to advance my career at a time when most women are typically left out of the corporate world just helped confirm how much I enjoyed being a part of Productsup. Plus, there have been many great opportunities since.

I think the main challenge being in a Team Lead role is ensuring that the different personalities and working styles on your team are able to thrive. Some people enjoy chaos and flux, others need stability and direction. So finding a balance and making sure individuals can excel in their roles can be a little tricky, but also quite special when you see things start to come together. Currently, there are still some events that sit within the Marketing Programs team, and these are the highlights of my year. As I mentioned before, I originally wanted to specialize in events, and I love any chance I get to still be involved in that.

Why do you love your job?

I love the team. When our marketing department gets together 2-3 times per year the energy is always high and we have such a laugh (karaoke 100% guaranteed.) We are at our best when we work together and support each other to meet our targets. DMEXCO 2022 was one of my proudest moments as we worked very closely for months with our Customer Success, BDR, Sales & Partner departments and ended up achieving our most ambitious event goals in Productsup history. What a feeling!

Any words of wisdom to share?


Things are always in motion here. Oftentimes, I’ll be catching up with colleagues in the US who I haven’t seen in a while, and I’ll start with, “Never a dull moment!” If you’re the kind of person that likes a challenge, that likes to be pushed forward, that wants to test their limits a little – and have a laugh while doing so – then you should probably start brushing up on your karaoke skills.

What’s your superpower?

Life throws a lot at us – be it parenting, self development, work stress, etc. – but I can always manage to have a laugh, no matter how high-pressure the situation is.

Productsup is a sum of its unique blend of talented individuals who are the main ingredient in our collective success. Our 345 employees from 46 nationalities cover 45 markets and serve 1000 customers. Together we build, together we achieve, together we care.

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