Life at Productsup: Bjoern Lorenz

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Every company has its own culture, values, and atmosphere. Productsup prides itself on nurturing a positive, supportive, and collaborative working environment where driven individuals are encouraged to seize their personal growth opportunities and excel at what they do. Our collective strength comes from each individual and their unique stories.

Life at Productsup: Bjoern Lorenz

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Where in the world do you work?

I live in Potsdam, which is about 40 kilometers from Productsup’s Berlin HQ. During the pandemic, I discovered a mixture of working from home and the office when permitted was the best option for me. I couldn’t imagine working from home alone all the time. I moved to Potsdam in 2005 because I loved the advantages of being close to Berlin yet still enjoying the “quiet” of a small city.

What do you do at Productsup?

Being a Financial Accountant at Productsup means that nearly every cent spent passes my eyes at some point. Collaborating with our tax admins locally and internationally, I supervise the accounting for our Productsup US and Productsup Australia entities and manage the pay runs. Providing the monthly final management reports takes up a significant chunk of my work. Contributing to the recent successful Series B funding round application was a really satisfying achievement.

Why do you love your job?

The day I left my previous job, I received an email from Productsup in my LinkedIn mailbox. I really liked the product, even though I’m not a technician or a developer. I believed there was a future in it. The people at Productsup are incredibly cool and I enjoy chatting to colleagues and listening to what they are up to. We are all very close in the Finance team, and we support each other. I couldn’t wish for any better. My highlight was a company trip to Mexico, which was unforgettable. I’m looking forward to our 2022 summer party.

What makes Productsup different?

I am trusted to carry out complex tasks, but I’m also given the freedom to fail and to improve. I really appreciate this about Productsup. I have worked at companies with strong hierarchies and a lot of micromanagement. This is not an environment I would ever like to work in again. I feel Productsup is synergizing pretty well at the moment.

What’s your superpower?

I work well under pressure. I keep a cool head in most situations and manage stress pretty well. I am also a father to a 5-year-old which comes with its own powers. So, he is granting me my parental power, which is the best power to have.

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