The commerce shortfall

A report on consumer expectations for the future of commerce

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Wouldn’t you like to know what consumers are thinking right now? Or learn what kind of products they want and what they expect from their shopping experiences? Read the report that has all the answers for you.

Censuswide conducted an independent study that surveyed over 5000 consumers aged 16 and up across Europe and the United States. The research examined whether consumer shopping experiences fall short of expectations, focusing on expectations for the metaverse, sustainable shopping, and other hybrid shopping experiences. The report summarizes the global findings and provides a guide to delivering the kind of experiences today’s consumers expect.

The study reveals that poorly presented product information is causing companies to lose out on sales. More than one-third (35%) of consumers said that knowing more detailed information about products is one of the top factors that would make them choose one brand or retailer over another. From shipping fees to the sustainability of a product, companies need to ensure the right information is communicated to the right audience. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase if a product is reusable (71%) or recyclable (70%). Despite this, consumers say information on a product’s reusability (34%) and recyclability (30%) is difficult to find.

Pages from the commerce shortfall report

In this report, you will learn how to:

  • Drive sales and build brand loyalty in the metaverse
  • Communicate the right information for sustainable shopping
  • Tailor experiences for the physical, digital, and virtual world
  • Appeal to consumers based on their age and location