Marketplace integration

Marketplace integration denotes the process of connecting your product data feeds with a marketplace such as Amazon, Walmart, or eBay seamlessly. The integration part means that the feeds can be uploaded several times with new data, ensuring that the listings are displaying the most current information – price, order quantity, variants – without the feeds being rejected for non-compliance.

Why do businesses need a marketplace integration solution?

Without some levels of marketplace integrations, the marketing or sales teams have to manually manage, clean, and update the feeds. With large quantities of SKUs, this manual process is simply too time-consuming and is prone to human error.

The aim of all integration solutions or software is to enable complete automatization and control over data on products, orders, customers, and shipments that appear on listings on any given marketplace.

A smooth connection with multiple marketplaces is essential for successful sales on marketplaces. Seamless connections are challenging to create as all major marketplaces have incredibly complex legacy systems and requirements that differ widely from one another.

Why do you need marketplace integration software?

Without a product-to-consumer (P2C) management platform or an adequate marketplace integration software, it is costly and labor-intensive to maintain accurate listings on marketplaces such as Amazon. As an Amazon seller rather than a vendor, you are expected to manage your customer service and create excellent customer experiences without much control over the number of times your product feeds are updated in the marketplace system. Software management solutions are essential for ensuring that those feeds are clean and compliant when they are uploaded to multiple marketplaces.

Order management is one of the most important criteria for smooth marketplace experience management. Without accurate data on stock quantitative, you risk paying fines for damaging your brand on the marketplaces. Marketplaces are amongst the most important sales channels, but they demand a lot of management skills and the latest integration solutions.

What is the marketplace experience?

The marketplace experience is Productsup’s evolving marketplace solution. The solution keeps customers up-to-date with all the latest developments on major marketplaces for both vendors and sellers. More than just software, the same platform can automate nearly all of your other feed management tasks, including the product exports to social commerce channels or other websites.

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