We’ve moved Up, Up, and away (as well)!

[WP Import] We’ve moved Up, Up, and away (as well)!

On this crispy yet sunny Monday morning in Berlin, we have a double portion of office news.

Big news first:

Productsup has officially opened an office in the heart of downtown SAN FRANCISCO!

Watch this space as bright plans and potential unfold in the coming months. Find our contact details here. 



As for local news:

The days may be getting shorter and the nights colder, but we’re happy the sun hasn’t left Berlin just yet. The city is full of color and we are starting the week off on a high. This may be partially due to the fact that we’ve moved UP. Productsup Berlin has new offices on the top floor of the bright red building in Mitte. It’s the same location as before, only prettier. See images below.

What do we love about it? Sipping the morning coffee and looking out onto the magnificent view of the Berlin Dom and TV Tower. We’ve also been lucky to witness spectacular sunsets over the rooftops.

Other than that we are still the same bunch of passionate, dedicated tech- and data-fundi’s, whose real pleasure lies in developing systems that simplify and optimize your business processes. :)



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