7 reasons to trust Productsup with your product data needs

7 reasons to trust Productsup with your product data needs

Product data management shouldn’t just be about basic imports and exports. With retailers going above and beyond to drive clicks and customers expecting higher and higher quality ads, the modern product data feed needs more. When product data grows or the need for customization expands, Productsup offers numerous solutions—all coding-free.

Here are 7 reasons to trust Productsup with your product data feeds.

Why let Productsup handle your product data? here's 7 reasons.

1. Trusted expertise

You should feel confident that your data is in good hands.

Productsup is proud to claim numerous industry awards. With Criteo’s Performance Marketing award, the US Search Awards, and Germany’s beloved SEMY award under our belt, we strive to inspire confidence in our customers.
We also partner with the most important names in ecommerce to make sure our platform goes above and beyond the expected. From Google to Facebook and SAP, we stay on top of every change, because you shouldn’t have to.

2. Agility

Stop waiting on IT. We get your products online now.

The age of agile data for ecommerce is finally here. Ecommerce businesses need direct access to their markets, and comprehensive data ownership will make that happen.
Third party sites and aggregators like Trivago can make it difficult for businesses to personally put their data to use. Instead of only shipping product data off to aggregator sites, retailers should have better control and oversight of their data. Productsup supports agile data by making ecommerce channels easy to manage and export to. Plus, you can export to sites you already know and love (like Trivago) even more easily.

3. Performance

"Using the Productsup platform enables us to optimize thousands of products within seconds." Mattias Weth, Co-Founder - Catbird Seat

Productsup is designed for performance, using fast processing speeds to get your products to market ASAP. In fact, online marketing agency Expand Online was able to list 15,000 products on Amazon Marketplace in less than 24 hours using the Productsup platform. The Productsup platform isn’t simply about managing data but also making data transformable and dynamic no matter the volume. This speed allows businesses to cut opportunity costs across the board and quickly tackle new opportunities that might have been otherwise unthinkable. No feed is too large or too complex.

4. Unique usability

There’s no one way to fix a problem. And there’s no one way to use Productsup.

Your data feed can be complex. That’s why you shouldn’t be forced to use just one type of solution. Productsup offers multiple options to view and transform data. Whether you’re head of IT or an IT-averse marketer, there are plenty of options available.
Visualizing data shouldn’t be difficult. But, when your product feed is a smorgasbord of letters and commas, it can get difficult fast. With out Dataflow, you get a clear and concise overview of your data. You also have the ability to quickly connect fields or attributes. This allows you (and any other users with permission) to follow a data feed from raw import to fabulous, optimized export. This means better clarity on how your data feed is constructed and optimized as well as confidence that you are fully in control of your data.
How does it work? Our core defense against mediocre data is the Rule Box. These boxes allow users to apply a number of “rules” or processes to their data at different stages of the data transfer process (at import or export). You can easily drag-and-drop boxes to add tax values, crawl for images, or prepend values. And then do it again. And then transfer those settings to another channel. And do basically anything you could imagine.

5. Scalability

Your business should grow. Productsup grows with you.
It doesn’t matter where your data comes from or where you want to send it: Productsup makes it happen. When your business is expanding to new channels and languages, your feed management platform shouldn’t just work “at capacity” but rather be ready to scale with you.
Quickly export or optimize data for popular channels like Facebook, Google, and Amazon or export to smaller niche sites. Whether it’s a marketplace, comparison shopping engine, social media platform, B2B platform, or anything else, you’ll find it in our catalog. Plus, we love a challenge. Should your channel not already be covered in our MASSIVE export catalog, we’ll make it happen.
And should the number of your SKUs or the complexity of your needs grow: no worries. We export over 33+ billion products each month. We’ve got your back.

6. Cutting edge

Your tools should be dynamic, automated, and always on top of their game.
There are some 6 million active advertisers on Facebook. So how do you stand out against the crowd on such popular sites? Sometimes great products just aren’t enough to grab attention. That’s why, on top of being user-centric and marketer-friendly, Productsup is highly focused on delivering the single most cutting-edge product data feed experience possible.
Our platform can dynamically generate videos and images to feature specific products alongside their unique attributes. Users can add real-time prices and features to make an infinite number of irresistible ads.
More importantly, Productsup never stops developing. Customers can be sure they’re getting the most innovative and up-to-date features around—today, tomorrow, always.

7. First-class customer support

What good is a great solution if you get stuck or lost? Our support team is always on hand to help you ensure your customers always have great experiences.

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