Life at Productsup: Summer Vibe 2022

Life at Productsup: Summer Vibe 2022 Life at Productsup: Summer Vibe 2022

300+ employees. 43 nationalities. Covering 45 markets. Over 1000 customers. Productsup is truly international and at home in the globalized world. And we are currently scaling our global team!

After some years of remote work, we finally all came together as a company in Berlin in the summer of 2022 to connect and learn more about our business and industry and hear more about our vision and strategy. It was also an occasion to celebrate our successes and our team.

The Productsup summer event took place in Berlin – the city of our headquarters – over 3 sunny days in July. Everyone was treated to talks, meetups, and fun activities that gave us the opportunity to connect the very different rhythms of our global workforce and to integrate the sounds from our new colleagues at World of content. By the last day, we had created a collective Productsup sound that will now accompany us for the second half of the year and beyond.

Life at Productsup: Our summer event

I spoke to three employees about their experience at Productsup Summer Vibe 2022.

Hello! Please tell me about yourselves

Hi! My name is Anita Patruni and I’m a Senior Client Success Manager [CSM] on the solutions team. I’ve been working at Productsup since July 2022 and I live in New York. I work remotely but plan on going into the NYC office once a week. I went to Berlin for the Summer Event, which I was so happy about.

Hello! My name is Xacobe Pajares and I work as a Second Level Technical Support Specialist. I've been with Productsup for 2 years. I live in Berlin, but I often work from my hometown in Vigo in Spain. I usually go to the office once or twice a week.

My name is Angelina de Vorst and I'm the Office Manager at World of Content (WOC). I started at WOC on July 1, 2022. I live in the Netherlands in a city called Den Bosch where the main WOC office is located.

Day 1. Coming together: Our Productsup rhythm

Was this your first Productsup event or even your first time in Berlin?

Anita: This was my first Productsup event and also my first time in Berlin and Germany. I was so excited to meet everyone on the client success team in person. Everyone on the team is amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with and learn from. By attending the summer event, I got to know colleagues with whom I work every day.

Xacobe: This was my third company event and it obviously wasn’t my first time in Berlin. It was a great experience and it helped strengthen the whole company’s working relationship. It was great to see that there is more than “just" a person behind the faces we meet on our screens every day.

Xacobe and colleagues getting into the Productsup rhythm

How was it to meet your new colleagues from World of Content/Productsup?

Xacobe: The launch was very engaging and really memorable. I volunteered to get to know colleagues from WOC, so I met a colleague with a very similar role and got to meet others from their support team.

Angelina: The colleagues I spoke to from Productsup were very welcoming and nice. I think the buddy system worked really well. They all had good energy.

Did you enjoy the drum workshop?

Anita: The drum workshop was such a unique way to relax and laugh with colleagues. It was really fun and a great team-building experience.

Xacobe: Yes! Although I was a bit skeptical at the start, I quickly felt motivated and engaged. We witnessed the results that can be achieved when we all work together.

The unforgettable drum workshop on Day 1 The unforgettable drum workshop on Day 1

Day 2. Growing together: Creating the soundtrack for our future success

How were the breakout sessions on the morning of Day 2?

Anita: I attended a WOC breakout session which was very informative. It helped me to gain a bit more of an understanding of how Productsup and WOC can work together.

Was it helpful to meet and hear from some of Productsup’s partners and customers?

Anita: Watching the customer presentations provided me with insights into their experience and knowledge of our tools. That’s really useful information for me. Understanding use cases from our partners and customers means I can better support our customers.

Xacobe: I found it really valuable. I usually only receive news from customers and partners when something isn't working. So it gave me a better insight into how they think and perceive Productsup.

What were your highlights from the fun afternoon and evening events?

Angelina: I sang at karaoke! It was really fun. I sang a song from Alicia Keys – Empire State of Mind. The crowd liked it, even though it wasn’t my best performance :)

Xacobe: I was kayaking for 30 minutes. It was super fun since I have a kayak in Spain but haven’t used it for years. Karaoke was fun too. A group of Spanish speakers sang Aserejé!

Angelina giving it all on the karaoke stage

Day 3. Forwards together: bringing our music to the commerce world

How did you feel at the end of Day 3?

Anita: Our team event was so much fun! We focused on getting to know each other and working together. The Family Feud activity planned by Angie and Lena was the perfect way for everyone on the solutions team to bond. I felt closer to my team afterwards.

The closing keynote was a fantastic send-off. The three days were a great experience. I left Berlin safe in the knowledge that I’d built long-lasting relationships with my colleagues.

Angelina: At the end of the event, I was really proud to be working for a company like Productsup. It energized us all.

Party time! How was the big party on Day 3?

Anita: I loved that everyone went all out with their costumes and makeup. We all had a fabulous time! The DJ played fun music and it was great to see everyone dance, let loose, and have a good time.

Angelina: The party was lit! Everybody dressed up and there was a lot of special make-up which was fun.

What was your personal highlight from the whole event?

Anita: The highlight of the summer event for me was being able to meet and hang out with everyone on the CSM and Solutions Team. I also met my cousin Sunghill – we didn't actually know we were related until we met in Berlin at the Summer Vibe!

Xacobe: The highlight was getting to know my colleagues and spending time with them in person. It was so nice, and so overdue.

Was the event fun?

Anita and Productsup colleagues at the summer party in July Anita and some Productsup colleagues at the summer party in July

Anita: The event was amazing! Everything was so well organized and I really enjoyed all the presentations and workshops over the 3 days as well as the big party on the last night.

This was a small peek into life at Productsup. Our unique blend of talented individuals from all over the world is the main ingredient in our collective success. Together we build, together we achieve, and together we care.

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