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About Syndigo

Syndigo enables global commerce by supporting the efficient transfer of product information through its network of brands and their customers. The company provides descriptive product and nutritional information, images and other digital media, powered by deep analytics to empower engaging brand experiences online and in store. Through Syndigo’s integrated platform, Content Experience Hub, clients can publish, manage, syndicate and audit product content across the largest trading network of brands and recipients in the world. Syndigo serves more than 12,000 manufacturers and 1,750 retailers and distributors globally in many important consumer industries including grocery, foodservice, hardlines, home improvement/DIY, pet, health and beauty, automotive, apparel, and healthcare products.

About the partnership

"The combined partnership between Syndigo and Productsup allows global brands and retailers to easily take unstructured marketing content, cleanse and create clean and accurate structured content, and be able to share that with over a thousand different retailers, marketplaces, distributors, and trading partners around the globe."

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Chicago, Peoria, Nashville, Brookfield, Houston, Cleveland, San Francisco, Phoenix, Washington (US, Mexico City (Mexico), Sao Paulo (Brazil), London (UK), Paris (France), Poznan, Warsaw (Poland)


English, French (CAN), French (France), Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Spanish (Mexico and Spain), Polish, German, Russian

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Technology Partner


PIM, MDM, Syndication, Rich Content, Enhanced Content, Content Creation, Digital Shelf, GDSN, Data Pool

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