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About Induxx

As a solution provider, Induxx provides high-quality & powerful IT solutions for your company where user-friendliness is key. We are active in PIM, DAM, CRM, web2print, etc. With a B2B and B2C background, we are the ideal partner to guide your company in its omni-channel set-up. We are convinced that central storage of product information is crucial. It guarantees time savings, contributes to a unique brand image and ultimately the success of your company.

Based on workflow processes, our package selection provides ideal product data guidance during creation, validation, publication & synchronization, all within a very user-friendly and intuitive working environment.

About the partnership

"Content distribution has never been easier!"

Roel Van Cauter, Managing Partner, Induxx

Induxx on commerce complexity

“In today’s commerce complexity, it’s vital to stay flexible and agile while making sure you are reaching your customer in the best possible way. We can’t predict what happens in the next few years, but together with our Productsup software partner we know we can help our customers scale with the right techniques and integration strategy.”

Roel Van Cauter, Managing Partner, Induxx

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Kontich, Aalst, Hasselt (Belgium)


Dutch, French

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Value-added Implementation Partner

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