Company news | February 21, 2022

New collaboration between Beiersdorf and Productsup: Creating a perfect online customer experience across all channels

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Sven van de Voorde

Product Marketing Manager

Productsup will help Beiersdorf personalize the online shopping experience at scale

Productsup, the leading Product-to-Consumer (P2C) software company, is officially working with Beiersdorf, a cosmetics manufacturer known for the brands NIVEA, Hansaplast, and Labello. To provide shoppers with the information they need during the purchasing process, Productsup will help Beiersdorf deliver strong product content.

"Beiersdorf offers products to a huge segment of the population, so being able to share optimized and personally tailored product information across all online channels is important,” said Stefan van Vugt, Commercial Director of Retail PX at Productsup. “We are incredibly proud of this new partnership.”

Productsup’s P2C platform allows Beiersdorf to design unique content per retailer and to provide a complete overview of the online performance of any given product. In doing so, Beiersdorf can deliver optimal content for each retailer, all tailored to the individual.

“Good content is the foundation for a strong online performance,” said Larissa Geitenbeek, E-commerce Shopper & Customer Marketing Manager at Beiersdorf. “That is why we are happy with the cooperation with Productsup and confident that we will further optimize our content with this partnership.”

*This partnership started between Beiersdorf and World of Content, which was acquired by Productsup in June 2022.

About Beiersdorf

Beiersdorf has been in the skincare business for more than 130 years. Over the years, they have built a relationship of trust by being close to their consumers and developing innovative skincare brands tailored to their needs. They work as one global team, with one focus: Making sure people feel good about themselves, everywhere in the world, every day. Their aspiration for the future is to become the No. 1 skincare company in the world.

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