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About ETIM North America

ETIM North America is a non-profit chapter of ETIM International, responsible for the translation and adoption of the ETIM product classification model to support consistent communication of technical product information from manufacturers to distributors, to end-users in the North American wholesale electrical industry and its related verticals. We refine and enhance the ETIM model to enable its usability in North America. The alpha numeric, language independent model helps companies digitize the communication of product information, more effectively and efficiently, helping reduce errors, improve searchability and facilitate product categorization. We represent the ETIM International community in North American and are one of over 22 regional ETIM organizations around the world supporting their communities’ members and translating the model into their region’s language(s).

About the partnership

Productsup is an official Solution Provider member of ETIM North America. We support the adoption and usage of the ETIM Classification Model through our unique product offerings. “As more and more companies in North America see the value in adopting the ETIM classification model, they need assistance in implementing the model within their PIM’s and business systems, so are looking for solution providers to assist them. Wide-spread adoption of ETIM within the industry will speed up the order-to-cash cycle and reduce the costs associated with the wrong product being ordered due to lack of proper product descriptors.”

Mary Shaw, Executive Director

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Office locations

Salt Lake City, UT (USA) and Ottawa, ON (Canada)


Point of contact: English, ETIM Model: 20+ languages

Partnership type

Technology Partner


Open standard, Digitalized format for communicating product information, Language-independent via alphanumeric codes for each data element, Multi-lingual, media and supplier neutral, Multi-industry , Standardized data

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