Productsup at DMEXCO 2021

  • This year’s DMEXCO theme is “setting new priorities”. It’s a make-or-break topic for today’s brands, retailers, and service providers struggling to manage complex paths between products, services, and consumers. This exponential increase in complexity has led to commerce anarchy.

  • Whether you’re interested in how successful brands navigate the increasingly complex retail landscape, or want to learn how to scale and beat the competition, come meet Productsup at DMEXCO 2021. Feel free to request a meeting, sign up for any number of our talks, or simply swing by our virtual booth.

Watch the sessions

  • How to disrupt traditional commerce

    The usual campaign optimization tricks are no longer working. Instead, they only add to the chaos. What we need is a radical rethink of the entire global retail value chain.

    • Marcel Hollerbach - Chief Innovation Officer, Productsup
    • Anke Drewicke - Marketing Director, Peloton
    • Alexandra Tymann - CEO & Co-founder, Hedoine
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  • Setting the right priorities in the age of commerce anarchy

    Today, brands, retailers struggle every hour of every day to manage complex paths. Join us for a chat on how companies can thrive in this challenging landscape.

    • Lisette Huyskamp - Chief Marketing Officer, Productsup
    • Dietmar Rietsch - CEO, Pimcore
    • Thomas Heuchert - Data Distribution & Publication Manager, Grundfos
    • Margit Gosau - CEO, SPORT 2000
  • How to lead in social commerce

    In this session, our very own Marcel Hollerbach and Facebook’s Jordanna Whayman will discuss current social commerce trends and what shopping capabilities Facebook is working on.

    • Marcel Hollerbach - Chief Innovation Officer, Productsup
    • Jordanna Whayman - EMEA Product Marketing Lead, Facebook
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  • How to combat commerce anarchy with the Productsup Platform

    Join Lena and Kjeld as they share insights into how to successfully tackle the challenges of commerce anarchy.

    • Lena Wisser - SVP Client Solutions, Productsup
    • Kjeld van Druten - Head of Academy, Productsup
    • Markus Wittassek - Head of Data Management,
  • Download the report: Forrester

    Want to learn more about how to combat the chaos? Find out what the industry’s top analysts are saying. Download the latest Forrester study on commerce anarchy and the future of commerce tech.

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