Order(s) from Chaos: How to combat commerce anarchy with the Productsup platform

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Consumer behavior is affected by a huge array of factors, feeds, and influencers. One mistake in the smallest detail matters. Errors can end precious brand, product, or vendor reputations. Join Lena and Kjeld as they share insights into how Productsup clients are tackling the challenges of commerce anarchy, creating a clear and focused feed strategy leveraging a centralized platform.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you need to stop optimizing
  • Three ways to combat commerce anarchy
  • How clients are overcoming challenges with the platform

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Presented by

  • 03_Markus.png

    Markus Wittassek

    Head of Data Management

    @ Moebel.de

    Markus is Head of Data Management at moebel.de and is responsible with his team for ensuring that the products of moebel.de’s partners appear quickly and reliably on the portal through Productsup.

  • User > Profile > Lena Wisser

    Lena Wisser

    SVP Client Solutions

    @ Productsup

    As SVP Client Success Lena is responsible for all post-sales activities ensuring client happiness and success. Together with a team of more than 40 customer success experts around the globe, Lena tackles commerce challenges of all scales.

  • 02_kjeld.png

    Kjeld van Druten

    Global Head of Academy

    @ Productsup

    As Head of Academy Kjeld and his team are responsible for all learning activities of customers and partners, so they quickly get up to speed and apply the best practices to get their challenges solved.