How Peak Ace AG increased impressions by 40% on Google Shopping for

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  • +40%


  • -30%


  • 1 week

    to test 8 channels

The case

Peak Ace is a full-service performance marketing agency. As an early adopter of new technology, Peak Ace has been working with Productsup, a cloud-based solution for product data management and optimization, since 2014. Peak Ace was in fact among the first few clients to be using the Productsup platform.

Among their client base, Peak Ace is proud to list Talkthisway a trademark of Elektrohaus Kurzer GmbH. Talkthisway is a mobile phone store, known for both its exceptional service and for providing particularly affordable contracts and packages for mobile phones and tablets. Talkthisway has a large selection and is usually among the first providers to bring new phones and tablets to the German market after they are released. In order to increase the online visibility of Talkthisway's products, Peak Ace needed to ensure high quality product data feeds were distributed to various ecommerce channels!

The challenges

When Peak Ace began managing Talkthisway’s product data, they were faced with a few main challenges.

1. Feed customization

The first challenge was processing a data set of 18,000 products, which needed to be customized to multiple channels and marketing strategies.

2. Complex tracking setup

Talkthisway had integrations to eight different price comparison engines, This meant that eight different types of tracking would have to be implemented on the online shop’s webpage, in order to measure the individual performance of these sites. This was neither a simple nor a sustainable option.

The solutions

Using an intelligent feed management solution like Productsup, Peak Ace was able to easily solve these challenges.

1. Efficient feed customization

To customize the feed for each price comparison site, Peak Ace used the predefined export templates available on the platform. With more than 400 updated templates to choose from, and new or custom templates being created on demand, no platform user is required to manually set up the feed with the required attributes.

In order to improve the ranking of their ads and gain competitiveness, specific product attributes were enriched and edited, using a large number of rules available on Productsup. Among other things, Peak Ace changed product titles, descriptions, and availability statuses.

2. Tracking and ROI strategy

To define which products were to be listed on each channel, Peak Ace created a numerical code. This made it possible to simplify the process while working in the editing tool of the platform and to export the products to the desired channel.

To measure the performance of each channel effectively, product and conversion tracking were implemented, using Productsup’s own tracking. Coupled with the platform’s ROI strategy, campaign performance across all channels was effectively managed and optimized. For full control of the performance, UTM parameters were added to the URLs of all the products in the different feeds. In accordance with Talkthisway, Peak Ace was able to make informed strategic decisions, such as opting for profitable sales channels while removing others.


Since Peak Ace began using the Productsup platform to manage Talkthisway’s product data, the company has seen clear rewards.

Peak Ace started with Google Shopping and within three days had created feeds for more than seven different channels, including Bing, Facebook, Idealo,, Preis24,, and Kelkoo.

They've seen an improvement in ad ranking on Google Shopping thanks to a 40% increase in impressions and a 35% decrease in CPC. And a decrease in CPO by 30%, despite the increase in competition on Google Shopping.

On top of everything else, the company has recorded a massive time savings. Eight different channels were tested in a fraction of the time it would have taken with their old approach–from two months, down to one week.

Karol Majer
Former Sales Consultant

"Given the flexibility and numerous possibilities offered by Productsup, we were able to not only create data feeds quickly, but also to optimize and adjust them to match the individual requirements of the different channels."

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