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Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, recording over two billion site visitors every month. Offering every type of category – from apparel to video games to kitchen to automotive – Amazon gives brands of all sizes direct access to a huge global customer base. Nearly two million small and medium-sized businesses actively sell on Amazon.

Amazon is not only a transactional platform; it’s a place where consumers carry out the entire shopping journey. Starting with product discovery and ending with customer feedback, Amazon keeps consumers engaged with enriched product content throughout the entire shopping experience. For instance, Amazon requires third-party sellers to follow strict guidelines when creating product listings and ads on the marketplace to ensure all product content is of the highest quality.

About the partnership

Selling on Amazon presents tremendous opportunities to brands, but getting started and maintaining an Amazon business can be extremely complex. To be successful and take full advantage of Amazon, brands need to ensure that their product content is correct, consistent, and always up-to-date. Productsup’s Product-to-Consumer platform and its marketplace product – Marketplaces PX – is equipped with dedicated Amazon tools, such as the Amazon A+ Content Builder and Amazon Global API, that simplify selling on the store. Make your Amazon onboarding experience smooth and easy, continuously boost conversion, and streamline global expansion with Productsup.

Learn more about how Productsup powers commerce success on Amazon here.

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