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Headquartered in Salt Lake City, DDS (Distributor Data Solutions) is the leading e-commerce product content provider serving the wholesale distribution industry. Developed by veterans of the industry, DDS helps manufacturers and distributors facilitate an exceptional e-commerce experience for their end-user customers with the most robust product and marketing information—and the most intelligent, efficient content delivery system—available in the marketplace.

A full-service technology company, DDS was founded with the goal of easing and improving the exchange of product content between manufacturers and distributors. DDS’ solutions streamline, simplify and speed up the transfer of product data by enabling manufacturers to syndicate consistent content across their entire channel, while providing distributors with complete, up-to-date product content already formatted for their platforms.

Today DDS currently works with more than 600 industry-leading manufacturers (representing more than 1,600 brands) to facilitate faster, simpler delivery of product content to power distributors’ e-commerce websites. We currently offer e-commerce-ready product content for more than 8.6M SKUs spanning more than a dozen wholesale verticals—including Electrical, Lighting, Solar, Plumbing, HVACR, Tool, Safety, Utility, Datacom, Construction, Industrial Supply, Industrial Automation, Electronic Components, Industrial Gas + Welding—with more new products and new lines being added on a weekly basis. And we are continuing to expand into additional industries in response to our customers’ needs.

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“Despite there being thousands of channels available to manufacturers to reach their buyers, most of the industry lags behind in being omnipresent. Companies that can make full and up-to-date product information instantly available to customers, regardless of where they are in the world and how their data needs to be formatted, don’t just have a competitive advantage. They have the agility to adapt to any economic situation as supply chains fluctuate.”

Matt Christensen, President

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Point-of-Purchase Partner


E-commerce product data, ETIM; Service offering for Manufacturers: Full product content syndication, Digital Shelf Analytics; Service Offering for Distributors: Product content management

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