Neuigkeiten von Productsup | 27. Mai 2020

Productsup launches Retail Connector to support small businesses around the world

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Productsup launches Retail Connector to support small businesses around the world

Productsup, leading ecommerce data integration company, today announced the launch of its Retail Connector - a solution that helps businesses bridge the gap between in-store POS systems and ecommerce platforms, enabling them to start selling online.

The past few months have brought up new challenges for businesses and consumers, alike. Many companies around the world had to limit in-store traffic, change opening hours, adjust business models, or close down. Facebook has just launched Shops, an initiative that makes it easy for businesses to set up an online store for customers to access on Facebook and Instagram.

With Productsup's Retail Connector, businesses can easily import inventory data from POS systems to Productsup. Productsup transforms this data into a channel-ready product catalog, which is then exported to Facebook, where it can be used to create a shop, run ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, or set up Instagram Shopping.

“We’re very excited to help smaller companies break through digital walls and sell more on Facebook. The bakery around the corner, the independent flower shop - they can all now easily reach customers online and get back in business," said Roland Fiala, VP Engineering, Productsup.

Productsup’s Retail Connector is currently available for free and supports the whole range of Facebook’s apps. Other ecommerce platforms will soon be accessible through it.

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