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    • download (5).png

      L'Oreal ANZ Taps Tech Stack To Distribute Targeted Information On Google, Facebook, TikTok

    • YahooFinanceLogo.png

      L’Oréal Selects Productsup as Its Product-to-Consumer (P2C) Platform to Enhance Its Commerce Operations and Accelerate Growth

    • iBusiness-Logo.png

      Interaktiv-Trend 2023/2024: Nicht ohne Nachhaltigkeit

    • onetoone_logo.png

      Trends in Marketing und Commerce 2023 (3): Nachhaltigkeit, E-Commerce und B2B

    • Ecommerce Times logo.png

      Retail in the Metaverse Facing Hardware, Identity Challenges

    • download (4).png

      Following a string of scandals: where will the crypto industry go in 2023

    • VentureBeat_VB_Logo.png

      The retail AI industry takes stock as the holiday season wraps up

    • download (3).png

      MarTech360 Interview With Marcel Hollerbach, Chief Innovation Officer, Productsup

    • Interactive Media in Retail Group logo

      Back to Black: IMRG’s Black Friday Review 2022

    • download (2).png

      Movers and Shakers: Tripadvisor, Pizza Express, Future, WeTransfer and more

    • fortune logo.png

      Bernice King struggled to define herself on her own terms. Then she accepted her role in continuing her parents’ legacy

    • Retail Dive

      Four tips to drive more revenue on Pinterest

    • Internet Retailing logo

      PEAK 2022: The Black Friday edition

    • TechTarget logo.jpeg

      How will the metaverse affect the future of work?

    • Interactive Media in Retail Group logo

      Merry Marketeers: Christmas Ads, a Retailers’ Family Tradition

    • Media – Media Coverage – Digiday

      Warner Bros. Discovery, Cancer Research UK, Marriott Bonvoy and Bidstack are Digiday Marketing and Advertising Awards Europe finalists

    • RT_logo.jpeg

      Black Friday could make or break Primark’s click and collect online ordering platform, says P2C specialist

    • Martech Series Logo.png

      Enterprise cloud data management leader Informatica and Productsup join forces to address burgeoning global P2C market

    • Yahoo-Logo.png

      Wish Enters Partnership with Productsup

    • NFT Talk logo.jpeg

      Web3 & NFTs @DMEXCO 2022

    • TechTarget logo.jpeg

      How will the metaverse affect the future of work?

    • Ecommerce Magazin

      Product information: Stable Christmas sales despite inflation

    • Tech-Monitor.jpeg

      Interpol launch ‘policing metaverse’ for training and collaboration

    • American Banker logo.png

      Visa lays groundwork to streamline payments for social, gaming creators

    • DC360 logo.png

      Retailers dial down promotions during Amazon Prime Early Access sale

    • Adweek.png

      Is TikTok the Latest Social Platform to Try Live Shopping in the US

    • ecommerce-age-logo-dark-1024x139.png

      Brick-and-mortar 2.0: big brands lead hybrid experiences

    • Interactive Media in Retail Group logo

      Hello Retail Returns Debate, Our Old Friend

    • pressnetwork.png

      Productsup: Marcel Hollerbach live from DMEXCO

    • 2f7334deb2f284283dc1c38b55205932c3c20870-840x210.png

      This Web3-native beverage brand bet big on NFTs

    • Retail Dive

      The majority of Instagram users now shop on the app. How should retailers reach them?

    • DC360 logo.png

      Weighing the risks and rewards of selling on a marketplace

    • The_SaaS_Awards_Logo.jpg

      2022 SaaS Awards Finalists

    • AdAge_logo.svg.png

      TikTok announces new shoppable ad formats as it prepares for holiday rush

    • Adweek.png

      TikTok Unveils Shopping Ads Suite of 3 Commerce Products

    • Business Insider logo.png

      Cashed in at 65 million: Productsup used this pitch deck to hunt for investors

    • logo-thedrum-desktop-2.png

      Web3 By The Numbers: Key Metaverse, Crypto And NFT Stats Every Marketer Should Know

    • UK-Business-Tech-Awards-2022-Yoast-Social-Card.png

      2022 UK Business Tech Awards Shortlist

    • Adweek.png

      How Can Marketers Win Over Gen Alpha?

    • onetoone_logo.png

      Fight the chaos: How to bring order to your product information

    • Interactive Media in Retail Group logo

      H1 Review: How Did Online Retail Perform?

    • pmwlogos.png

      Amazon Prime Day: 6 performance marketers on the changing face of e-commerce

    • logo__saas_awards_shortlist_22.jpeg

      2022 SaaS Awards Shortlist

    • the-drum-logo-vector.png

      TikTok disputes reports of a slowdown in its European e-commerce ambitions

    • Interactive Media in Retail Group logo

      Quickfire Q&A: How Should Retailers Approach the Metaverse?

    • sourcing-journal-vector-logo.png

      Is $5 Trillion Metaverse Driving Sustainable Consumption?

    • EeCA22-Logo_web-logo.png

      2022 SHORTLIST

    • YahooFinanceLogo.png

      Productsup Acquires World of Content to Power Frictionless Commerce Experiences

    • techeu_logo_light.png

      Berlin’s Productsup buys World of Content to power frictionless commerce experiences

    • MergersAcquisitions_Logo.png

      Productsup Acquires World of Content

    • Deutsche Startups_logo.svg

      Personio collects another 200 million - Planted gets millions - Productsup buys World of Content

    • Business Insider logo.png

      Check out the 15-slide pitch deck e-commerce startup Productsup used to raise $70 million in Series B funding

    • Martech Series Logo.png

      New research study confirms personalized customer experiences are a top business priority

    • Retail Dive

      Hype vs. Not Hype: Data reveals consumer preferences for sustainability and the metaverse

    • CMSWire logo.webp

      How Augmented Reality Will Impact Marketing in the Multiverse

    • Internet Retailing logo

      Frasers Group buys Missguided out of administration

    • VentureBeat_VB_Logo.png

      Despite metaverse buzz, 60% of consumers have zero interest in virtual shopping

    • AI-Journal-Logo.png

      LinkedIn live interview with Productsup CIO Marcel Hollerbach

    • Digiday logo.png

      Quontic Bank’s metaverse outpost demonstrates the importance of brand utility in metaverse activations

    • Modern Retail.png

      Kohl’s slashes full-year outlook as revenue, operating profits drop

    • CMSWire logo.webp

      4 Ways the Metaverse Can Enhance the Customer Experience

    • Martech Series Logo.png

      Productsup Launches the P2C Maturity Model To Empower Companies to Transform Their Commerce Business

    • Circular logo.jpeg

      70% of shoppers are likely to buy a product if recycling information is clear and visible

    • Fashions Finest logo.png

      How Retailers Can Meet Expectations for the Metaverse

    • internet-retailing-logo.jpg

      What matters to customers - from sustainability to brand experiences: research

    • YahooFinanceLogo.png

      New Data Reveals How Retailers Can Meet Consumer Expectations for the Metaverse, Sustainability, and More

    • Deutsche Startups_logo.svg

      22 multi-million dollar investments that everyone should have noticed

    • G2_Crowd_logo.webp

      Product-To-Consumer Software Company Productsup Raises over $70 Million

    • Forbes-logo.png

      Do Digitally Native Brands Need A Physical Presence?

    • VentureBeat_VB_Logo.png

      Productsup nabs $70M to help brands sell better

    • CMSWire logo.webp

      A Guide to NFTs: What Brands Need to Know

    • TechCrunch

      Productsup raises $70M to help retailers navigate sales strategies in the choppy world of e-commerce

    • Retail Dive

      TikTok's retail engine is revving up, but are brands successful at driving sales?

    • internet-retailing-logo.jpg

      B&Q launches marketplace with ambition to treble the range available on its website within six months

    • global-banking-finance-review.png

      Commerce in the metaverse: how the likes of JPMorgan can thrive in the virtual world

    • Power Retail.png

      Sustainable Shoppers Want a Transparent Supply Chain

    • Forbes-logo.png

      Are We Ready To Enter The Metaverse? Three Challenges Marketers Can Expect To Face

    • DC360 logo.png

      Lowe's, Home Depot earnings show ecommerce growth, similar omnichannel paths

    • Bloomberg-logo.png

      “Commerce Anarchy” Is Damaging Companies’ Bottom Lines—But a Product-to-Consumer Strategy Can Help Them Take Back Control

    • WIRED logo.png

      After the Great Resignation, Tech Firms Are Getting Desperate

    • Adweek.png

      Despite Tumultuous 2021, Meta Posts Revenue Gains of 20% for Q4, 37% for Full Year

    • DisrupTV.png

      DisrupTV Episode 265: Karen Mangia, Katie Moro, Corey Glickman, Jeff Kavanaugh

    • Power Retail.png

      Retailers are Now Operating in Commerce Anarchy – Here’s How They Can Take Back Control

    • Yahoo-Logo.png

      Productsup brings global commerce leaders together for the first-ever virtual P2C World Tour

    • Forbes-logo.png

      Commerce Anarchy: What Is It And Why Should Retailers Care?

    • LogoBusinessNews.jpeg

      Commerce anarchy defined 2021, but a P2C strategy remodel will see businesses boom next year

    • the-independent-vector-logo.png

      ‘Commerce anarchy’ is damaging companies’ bottom lines – but a product-to-consumer strategy can help them take back control

    • marketing-dive-logo-vector.png

      9 campaigns that struck a chord in 2021

    • financial times logo.png

      How P2C can help businesses navigate the complex commerce landscape

    • logo-thedrum-desktop.png

      Commerce needs a radical rethink – it’s time for P2C

    • download.png

      Challenge P2C: New platform as a game changer?

    • ap-news-logo.png

      Productsup è stata riconosciuta come leader nella categoria Product-to-Consumer (P2C) Management da Constellation Research

    • wwd-logo.png

      The Metaverse, Commerce Anarchy and Tech’s Long Road

    • TechCrunch

      TikTok Shopping expands with more partnerships, LIVE Shopping, new ads and more

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