Capture and go! How AI is changing product content

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AI is rapidly making its impact felt across all aspects of digital commerce. Learn how AI-data capture with Product Guard PX is changing how manufacturers will record, enhance and distribute all of their product content.

Listen to Productsup’s leading innovators Koen Looijmans and Marcel Hollerbach explaining how the AI tools developed at Productsup are changing the way manufacturers and brands think about their product content.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How AI tools can boost your operational efficiency
  • How automatic capture will protect your brand image
  • Use cases from global brands already using these technologies


  • Marcel.jpg

    Marcel Hollerbach

    Chief Innovation Officer

    As CIO, Marcel ensures Productsup stays ahead of the latest market trends, identifies innovative new stakeholders to work with, and manages analyst relations. Building on more than 20 years of experience, he is the host of World of Commerce, an English and German podcast featuring interviews with leaders across the commerce industry.

  • Koen Looijmans

    Koen Looijmans

    Executive Vice President, Retail

    Koen Looijmans is the founder of World of Content, which was acquired by Productsup in June 2022. Now as Productsup's Executive Vice President of Retail PX, he helps thousands of brand manufacturers and online retailers streamline their ecommerce operations worldwide through Productsup's Retail PX product offering.