Webinar featuring Forrester

Harnessing the power of product content for omnichannel success

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Digital business leaders know that many customers use a variety of digital and physical touchpoints as they move along the path to purchase. Consumers are more empowered than ever to research products before hitting the buy button, yet many organizations still struggle to provide a seamless experience in these crucial moments. According to a Forrester study, only 52% of retailers say they have the right processes in place to execute on a consistent omnichannel strategy.

Join this webinar with guest speaker Lauren Cevallos, a commerce tech analyst at Forrester, and Marcel Hollerbach, our Chief Innovation Officer, as they share insight into the omnichannel features today’s consumers rely on most to make confident purchasing decisions.

Key learnings:

  • Top 5 qualities of the modern day consumer
  • Current state of the omnichannel landscape
  • Buyer expectations and regulatory requirements for product content
  • The use of AI to scale product content across multiple channels


  • Marcel Hollerbach | Productsup

    Marcel Hollerbach

    Chief Innovation Officer

    As CIO, Marcel ensures Productsup stays ahead of the latest market trends, identifies innovative new stakeholders to work with, and manages analyst relations. Building on more than 20 years of experience, he is the host of World of Commerce, an English and German podcast featuring interviews with leaders across the commerce industry.

  • Lauren-Cevallos.png

    Lauren Cevallos

    Analyst, Commerce Technology [Guest Speaker]

    Lauren serves digital business leaders in her coverage of commerce technology. Prior to Forrester, Lauren served as the ecommerce sales and marketing manager for a candy manufacturer in Texas where she was responsible for technology solution decisions.