🇪🇺 December 6, 11 a.m. CET

Turning the ad-fraud tide

Beat the bad bots at their game and protect your marketing and retail budgets from ad fraud using AI
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With bots now outnumbering humans online, businesses need AI solutions to turn the tide on the billions of fake accounts and bad bots that are eating into marketing budgets and causing untold damage to the entire retail ecosystem. Ad fraud bots cost global businesses over 100 billion dollars in 2022 alone.

This webinar will feature some of Europe’s leading anti-bot experts discussing how to prevent impression fraud, click fraud, lead fraud, and affiliate fraud from eating into your budgets and skewing your reporting.

Date: December 6 Time: 11 a.m. CET

In this webinar, you’ll learn,

  • How fraudsters are costing businesses billions of dollars
  • How bot traffic attacks your entire marketing ecosystem
  • The latest solutions to combating all forms of click fraud

Presented by

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    Marcel Hollerbach



    Marcel Hollerbach is Chief Information Officer and member of the supervisory board at Productsup. A serial entrepreneur, he co-founded hiClip, NativeAds, and Cavalry Ventures. Marcel was an early evangelist of the importance and impact of high-quality, contextualized product data. His expertise in commerce and ad-tech gives him an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior in the digital commerce space.

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    Tilman Pfeiffer

    Co-Founder and CEO


    Tilman Pfeifer is co-founder and CEO at fraud0.com, a Munich based fraud-detection company helping businesses minimize risks associated with automated non-human traffic. Tilman has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and scaling technology companies. After completing his aerospace engineering studies in Munich, Germany and South Korea, Tilman worked in venture capital and private equity for 7 years, investing and scaling technology companies in Europe and Asia.