The rise of community commerce - Let’s talk about TikTok

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TikTok is an exciting and enriching entertainment platform powered by a diverse community of more than 1 billion people worldwide. On TikTok, brands have the opportunity to be storytellers, to create TikToks, not ads, and to join in on community conversations.

In this webinar, Lorry Destainville, Director of Global Commerce Partnerships for TikTok and Marcel Hollerbach, our Chief Innovation Officer will share:

  • How advertisers can place their brand at the forefront of innovative storytelling to connect with audiences in ways they can’t elsewhere
  • A deeper look into TikTok Shopping: TikTok’s very own one-stop shop and how shoppers can access it
  • How Productsup can help you win on TikTok

Presented by:

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    Marcel Hollerbach


    @ Productsup

    Marcel Hollerbach is Chief Information Officer and member of the supervisory board at Productsup. A serial entrepreneur, he co-founded hiClip, NativeAds, and Cavalry Ventures. Marcel was an early evangelist of the importance and impact of high-quality, contextualized product data. His expertise in commerce and ad-tech gives him an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior in the digital commerce space.

  • Lorry Destainville (TikTok)

    Lorry Destainville

    Director of Global Commerce Partnerships

    @ TikTok

    Lorry is the Director of Global Commerce Partnerships for TikTok, where he is responsible for the strategy, growth and development of TikTok's ecosystem of commerce partners and bringing TikTok Shopping Solutions to merchants and partners around the globe. Lorry is passionate about helping merchants of all sizes make the most of the ever-changing ecommerce landscape.