How to use local inventory on Google and drive in-store visits


Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in consumers looking to buy products that are near them. Google reported a 500% increase in “near me” searches from the years 2015-2017. And shoppers today are exceptionally keen to know what’s available in store before they visit.

There’s only one fool-proof way to reach shoppers in this intent stage: Google.

Join experts from Google and Productsup as they delve into the ins-and-outs of Google LIAs, creative ways local inventory can make a difference on Google, and how to get your feeds ready.

Our experts will cover how:

  • Merchants can capitalize on local shopping trends
  • Local inventory can be used on Google
  • To customize feeds for Google LIAs
  • The Productsup platform can make your work easier

Presented by:

  • User Profile > Chris Lydle

    Chris Lydle

    Global Lead of Local Shopping

    @ Google

    Chris Lydle is Global Lead of Local Partnerships for Google, focused on driving online to offline shopping experiences. Chris has over twenty years experience working with online retail and digital media, previously having served on Google's Chrome and YouTube teams.

  • User > Profile > Margherita Penta

    Margherita Penta

    Global Head of Technical Support

    @ Productsup

    Margherita has spent the last four years supporting businesses in EMEA. She now manages the long-term relationships of many large accounts at Productsup, where she supports clients in their endeavours to reach and succeed on new channels. She also works with businesses in numerous verticals, ranging from furniture to DIY, automotive, and more.