How to: Supercharge your product feeds and drive sales


The right data is at the very heart of providing shoppers with the experiences they need. Does your data have what it takes to boost performance and drive sales this year (and beyond)?

Join our feed experts Katie Moro and Matt Bailey of Productsup as they take you through what they anticipate for the rest of 2021 and missed opportunities.

What you'll learn:

  • Three easy feed improvements you need to make immediately
  • Top feed management hacks that will supercharge your performance
  • Hidden features that will give you the edge with your product data

Presented by

  • Katie_Moro.png

    Katie Moro

    Global Head of Managed Service & Regional Manager Solutions Americas & ANZ

    @ Productsup

    Katie has been active in the ecommerce space for over a decade. Having started on the agency side, she worked for Google joining Productsup in 2015 to grow the US customer success team. Katie is a true feed fighter, marketer and leader. In her current role as global head of managed service & regional manager solutions Americas & ANZ, she helps brands and retailers break through digital walls and get their products to market quickly and efficiently.

  • User > Profile > Matt Bailey

    Matt Bailey

    Director Sales UK & Nordics

    @ Productsup

    Matt has worked in the performance marketing arena for more than 15 years, and so reluctantly accepts that he can be referred to as an ‘industry veteran’. He will show you how to gain full control over your product data, earn a competitive advantage, and crush your objectives.