How to get the most out of your PIM with product content syndication

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Most companies nowadays either have a PIM in place, or at least have a plan for it. But what’s next? Let’s talk about how to maximize ROI, enable ever more use cases, and empower more users in your organization to achieve better results.

Learn which use cases industry leaders support with their PIM journey, and why “fringe use cases”, like making your product data easily accessible to trade partners, are key to unlocking the value of your PIM.

Watch our webinar with Pimcore to find out more about product content syndication as a driver for excellent PIM ROI.

We'll talk about:

  • The best PIM use cases to start with
  • What the leading organizations are planning next in PIM
  • What makes or breaks the ROI of PIM projects
  • How to unlock PIM’s value with product content syndication

Presented by

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    Sasha Maximova

    Product Evangelist - Product Content Syndication

    @ Productsup

    Sasha has been working on enterprise digital transformation initiatives for the last 5 years. At Productsup, she helps develop the company vision and best practices for the Product Content Syndication solution. She is excited about all things manufacturing, and will show you how to deploy your digital product data in the most impactful way possible.

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    Stefan Gruber

    Chief Sales Officer

    @ Pimcore

    Stefan Gruber is Chief Sales Officer at Pimcore and has experience with the Pimcore Platform since 2010. He is a creative, dedicated guy who can truly move mountains with a huge, tangible passion. His motto: "The most important thing is that there is always love and passion involved. This is the only way to create something extraordinary."