February 23, 10 a.m. EST / 4 p.m. CET

Hacks on how to win in ecommerce in 2023

2023 ecommerce trends with Productsup and TikTok
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Many retailers and brands are experiencing multiple challenges at the moment. There is so much change in ecommerce and it's becoming increasingly difficult for many businesses to manage the growing number of channels and touchpoints. And let’s not forget the global economic downturn that’s forcing companies worldwide to revise their growth targets downwards and significantly reduce their marketing budgets.

Join the "Hacks on how to win in ecommerce in 2023" webinar on February 23 and hear about the opportunities on the horizon this year. Remember, Netflix, Airbnb, Slack and WhatsApp were all founded in a recession. Marcel Hollerbach, Chief Innovation Officer at Productsup, and Simon Fowler, Commerce Partnerships Lead, EMEA at our partner TikTok, will discuss ecommerce trends and predictions for 2023.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Top concerns and priorities for businesses in 2023
  • Gaps between these priorities and consumer expectations
  • Important social platforms and marketplaces this year
  • What’s happening with the metaverse

Presented by

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    Marcel Hollerbach



    Marcel Hollerbach is Chief Information Officer and member of the supervisory board at Productsup. A serial entrepreneur, he co-founded hiClip, NativeAds, and Cavalry Ventures. Marcel was an early evangelist of the importance and impact of high-quality, contextualized product data. His expertise in commerce and ad-tech gives him an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior in the digital commerce space.

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    Simon Fowler

    Ecommerce Partnerships Lead, EMEA / GBS


    Simon Fowler is the Ecommerce Partnerships Lead, EMEA for the Global Ecosystem Partnerships team at TikTok. His focus is on helping advertisers and merchants scale their commerce moments on TikTok by building out the ecosystem of partners. 2023 is going to massive for ecommerce on TikTok with the hastag #tiktokmademebuyit exceeding 41 billion views on the platform.