Google Shopping feed errors: How to avoid them

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Google prides itself on delivering reliable, high-quality information to its users, including online shoppers. That’s why their product feed requirements are very specific. If your product data doesn’t meet their requirements, Google Merchant Center will penalize you and may even disapprove your products.

Join our feed management expert, Katie Moro, to learn about three important Google Shopping feed errors and how you can avoid them to ensure all your products are there when your customers want them.

You'll learn how to:

  • Ensure you’re not missing required attributes
  • Verify that your images are the correct size
  • Send correct shipping values

Presented by

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    Katie Moro

    Global Head of Managed Service & Regional Manager Solutions Americas & ANZ

    @ Productsup

    Katie has been active in the ecommerce space for over a decade. Having started on the agency side, she worked for Google joining Productsup in 2015 to grow the US customer success team. Katie is a true feed fighter, marketer and leader. In her current role as global head of managed service & regional manager solutions Americas & ANZ, she helps brands and retailers break through digital walls and get their products to market quickly and efficiently.