Feed Management: the most important part of your business that nobody sees

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Old school feed management solutions require too much time. We’re talking several days or weeks to create or update a single feed. Many traditional tools require coding skills and are difficult to navigate. Thanks to modern feed management, another way is possible – shortening time to market, reducing the need for IT involvement, and empowering marketers to optimize feeds autonomously.

Is your business ready to capture new opportunities as they arise and boost performance on social, shopping, and search? Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to kickstart your product feed journey.

What you'll learn:

  • The evolution of paid marketing channels
  • The fundamentals of feed management
  • How to structure and optimize your product data

Presented by

  • Katie_Moro.png

    Katie Moro

    Global Head of Managed Service & Regional Manager Solutions Americas & ANZ

    @ Productsup

    Katie has worked in the e-commerce space for 11 years starting on the agency side, then direct with Google for 2 years moving to Productsup 5 years ago to grow the US Productsup team. She is a Feed Fighter, Marketer, Coordinator, Organizer and Motivator managing a global team for Productsup.