Facebook Shops: how to take advantage of this new ecommerce opportunity


For years, you have been able to buy and sell products through Facebook. You could post a photo of your sofa to Facebook Marketplace, or even run ads directing users to your site.

Earlier this year, Facebook took these selling capabilities one step further by launching Facebook Shops. This digital storefront gives businesses of all kinds - and SMBs in particular - an incredible opportunity to reach shoppers around the globe.

We spoke to Facebook’s own Akaash Bhalla to learn more about how it works. To get his insights, and find out how the Productsup platform can help, check out our webinar recording below.

What you'll learn:

  • How Facebook Shops works
  • Reasons to use Facebook Shops
  • How to take advantage of the new catalog feature using Productsup

Watch the webinar recording

Presented by:

  • User Profile > Akaash Bhalla

    Akaash Bhalla

    Product Partnerships Manager

    @ Facebook

    Akaash is a GM and global strategy leader for commerce partnership initiatives at Facebook. He is passionate about enabling success for businesses of all sizes and has been an integral part of Facebook Shops.

  • circle_marcel.png

    Marcel Hollerbach


    @ Productsup

    Marcel Hollerbach is Chief Information Officer and member of the supervisory board at Productsup. A serial entrepreneur, he co-founded hiClip, NativeAds, and Cavalry Ventures. Marcel was an early evangelist of the importance and impact of high-quality, contextualized product data. His expertise in commerce and ad-tech gives him an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior in the digital commerce space.

  • User > Profile > Adrian Oteng-Owusu

    Adrian Otend-Owusu

    Senior Solutions Engineer

    @ Productsup

    Adrian has worked in the ecommerce space for 10 years. He started as a web developer and then transitioned to integration and sales engineering roles after moving to Productsup. He approaches every problem with a smile and is quick to come up with solutions.