Channeling success! Feed management tips for 2022

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Hyper-accelerated digitization occurring since early 2020 has changed the commerce landscape dramatically. Consumer behavior has changed. Commerce has changed. Marketplaces have changed. If you consider the rise and rise of social commerce, social media has also changed. With change being the only constant at the moment, it’s harder than ever to keep up with the latest industry developments and best practices for your feed management.

Join feed management experts Katie Moro of Productsup and the CEO of zamartz Consulting, Zachary Martz, to learn the three main commerce trends transforming feed management as well as the dos and don’ts for your feed strategy.

The webinar will feature:

  • The latest hacks and best practices for your feeds
  • A look at all Productsup feed management features
  • The definitive feed management Do’s and Don’ts for 2022

Presented by

  • Katie_Moro.png

    Katie Moro

    Director of Managed Service & Regional Manager Solutions Americas & ANZ

    @ Productsup

    Katie has been active in the ecommerce space for over a decade. Having started on the agency side, she worked for Google joining Productsup in 2015 to grow the US customer success team. Katie is a true feed fighter, marketer and leader. In her current role as global head of managed service & regional manager solutions Americas & ANZ, she helps brands and retailers break through digital walls and get their products to market quickly and efficiently.

  • Zach Martz (zamartz Consulting).jpg

    Zach Martz

    Founder and CEO

    zamartz Consulting

    A direct-to-consumer marketing wizard, Zach Martz has been designing, developing, and delivering successful D2C projects for brands like Eileen Fisher, RalphLauren, and Peppercomm for many years. His profound experience and proficiency in programming, product design, and marketing give him a unique, holistic perspective on the game-changing innovations set to shake up tomorrow’s commerce.