Productsup platform: what’s new in Q1 2024 and beyond

New marketplace integrations, 1WorldSync integration, an updated ETIM version, and much more.
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As we enter the new year, we invite you to the Q1 2024 platform updates webinar summarizing all our product updates from the last quarter.

New European marketplace connectors

Discover our new European marketplace connectors, including Bol, Otto and Kaufland as well as our SAP connector.

Product Guard PX integrations into our Retail PX platform

Learn more about the latest Product Guard PX integrations into our Retail PX platform that facilitate a more streamlined syndication process. The process includes automated data capture, GS1 certification, marketing, logistics, and other data enrichments, and then effortless export to GS1 data pools and retailers.

1WorldSync integration

Learn more about the ability to export and publish product data on 1WorldSync, the world's leading product content orchestration platform.

ETIM version upgrade

Our improved 'Copy Dataflow' feature supports copying Category-specific attributes (CSA) and export mappings.

  • Date: Thursday, January 25
  • Time: 10 AM EST/ 3 PM GMT / 4 PM CET

Register anyway if you can’t attend the webinar, and we’ll send you access to a recording afterward.