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It’s time to fall in love with your product data again with a free feed audit!


Your free Feed Audit includes:

  • A review of your primary marketing feed (Google, Meta etc.)
  • Optimization analysis of a marketing-ready feed
  • Analyses of optional fields required for an advanced marketing feed
  • Analysis of your usage of product categorization
  • Analysis of your product_type and category taxonomy
  • Review of your image quality

Free feed audit

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Remember when managing your data feed was fun?

That was before digital complexity and the proliferation of channels transformed product data management into a time-consuming chore. The never-ending manual feed management tasks have sucked the life out of the relationship.

We’re here to light the fireworks and release those butterflies into your product information processes. It’s time to fall in love with your product data again. Because we love your data just as much as you do.

Love is… ❤️

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    Share consistent and accurate product data all the time, building your brand image.

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    Commit to creating excellent consumer experiences on all touch points all the time.

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    Create inspired marketing campaigns with Advertising PX bulk optimizations and editing tools.

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Fall in love with Advertising PX

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