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  • Impulse buying and how it works today
  • The “touch-free” retail store
  • Six predictions for the future of retail
  • The new, ecommerce-friendly “retail calendar”
  • Recommerce, social commerce, and more

Report summary

Retail may have been turned upside down in recent months, but there are still brands and retailers out there driving success. How do they do it? If you’re looking to get the biggest predictions for 2021, actionable tips for multichannel commerce, and insights on how to succeed in a post-COVID world, this report from Raconteur has it all. With meaningful stories from key industry companies, this report outlines the current commerce landscape and what you’ll want to know in order to stay competitive.

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In an increasingly noisy world, Raconteur Publishing exists to challenge and inspire decision-makers on the topics that matter, helping them make better business decisions. They produce special-interest content for business leaders via in-depth analysis, amazing infographics, and industry-leading special reports.