Product content syndicationfor Industry 4.0

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The guide answers essential questions, including:

  • What are the essential characteristics of agile, reliable, and user-centric product content delivery systems?
  • What characterizes each of the four categories of product data export?
  • How should PIM organizations approach each product data export category?
  • What questions should you consider before choosing a product content syndication solution?

Guide summary

Industrial product content is in higher demand than ever. What’s more, recipients have increasingly complex expectations from it. Fortunately, next-generation product content syndication platforms are available to help meet these demands with automation, customization, and localization features, among other capabilities. We’ve prepared this guide for PIM executives and data managers to help you navigate the current landscape of product content syndication.

What's inside of the guide?

Product content syndication for Industry 4.0 - Preview 1