Introduction toGoogle Manufacturer Center

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  • How it works and how it differs from Merchant Center
  • The benefits of GMfC for brands
  • The key setup steps to get started
  • Common feed errors and how to avoid them

Strengthen your brand image and win more sales

Today’s consumers expect nothing short of great product experiences. And as ecommerce becomes increasingly competitive every quarter, brands and manufacturers are looking for ways to take control of the situation and sell more. That’s why D2C is one of the most important trends of the decade. However, these businesses will have unique needs that can’t be met with common marketing tools. Google Manufacturer Center (GMfC) is making it easier than ever for brands and manufacturers to take control of their digital product experience and to shape the way in which their products are perceived by customers. In this guide, you’ll gain a complete understanding of GMfC, the impact it can have, and how you can get started.

What's inside of the guide?

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