Your Complete Guideto Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel

In this eBook we cover:

  • What Dynamic Ads for Travel are
  • The benefits of Dynamic Ads for Travel
  • Pre-campaign requirements and how to set up a high-quality travel catalog
  • A detailed look into different feed types and their specs
  • Typical challenges and how to beat them
  • How to setup the Facebook pixel and events tracking
  • Step-by-step campaign creation, including target groups, creatives and budget
  • Best practices and tips for boosting your campaign

Everything you need to know to successfully run and optimize a Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel campaign

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel provide a revolutionary way for the travel industry to engage with their audience on Facebook. The ad format enables you to promote your entire offering automatically and target individual users with highly customized ads. Now, travel advertisers can dynamically retarget Facebook users with relevant flight, hotel, or destination offers based on their interests and browsing history. The supporting pillars of a successful Dynamic Ads for Travel campaign are a high-quality travel feed and an intelligent campaign. If implemented correctly from the start, these will create the foundation needed to drive the best results. Productsup has teamed up with Facebook Marketing Partner Adphorus to combine our industry expertise and bring you a comprehensive guide on Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel. This guide has already been downloaded over 4,000 times! Get your own copy today!

What’s inside of the guide?

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Daniela da Silva
Daniela is passionate about the art of communication and its power to form, inform and transform. With over four years of experience as a B2B marketer, she has developed an eye for precision and a drive for creating and sharing high-quality content.
Daniela da Silva
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Seda Taner
Seda has hands-on experience in both strategic planning and startup marketing. She is particularly passionate about travel and enjoys exploring and implementing new developments in the travel industry.
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