A Complete Guide toAmazon for Vendors

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to navigate and get started with Amazon Vendor Central
  • The guidelines for your Amazon Retail Catalog
  • How to use the different merchandising options and promotions
  • An overview of the Amazon Advertising formats
  • If selling on Amazon as a first and third-party seller is right for you

Increase revenue by selling wholesale to Amazon

By leveraging Amazon as a retailer, brands and manufacturers can get their products in front of 310+ million active shoppers. Amazon Vendor Central (AVC) is the system that brands and manufacturers use to handle anything and everything when it comes to selling wholesale to Amazon. From receiving and confirming purchase orders, to setting up promotions, it plays a key role in the wholesale relationship between vendor and Amazon. For vendors, Amazon itself is packed with complex functionalities and can be difficult to navigate. However, understanding its capabilities and leveraging them will be an essential part in maximizing your revenue potential with Amazon. To help demystify Amazon for vendors, we’ve created an in-depth guide all about how it works, the options and possibilities, and how to get started.

What’s inside of the guide?

A Complete Guide to Amazon for Vendors - Preview 1

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