About Google Feed Rules andhow they compare to Productsup

June 22, 2016

You’ve probably heard of Google’s “Feed Rules” feature (released April 2016) and may have wondered how this compares to the Productsup platform. This is something we actually support, as it helps those companies with smaller feeds and needs to gain ownership of their data too.
In our new on-demand webinar we take a look at these Google feed rules, covering key similarities and differences to the Productsup Platform. We hope this helps you better understand each solution to determine which one serves your business needs best.

What you'll learn:

    What Google Feed Rules look like
    How these translate on Productsup
    Pro’s & con’s for each solution
    Which tool is better for your needs
Presented by
Daniela da Silva, Marketing Manager @ Productsup

Nick Rubino - Account Manager @ Productsup