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K-New Media is the in-house online marketing agency of one of the largest multichannel mail order companies in Germany, KLiNGEL-Group. The company works with a range of businesses, from specialized shopping platforms to fashion, health and lifestyle brands. In total, K-New Media manages the online marketing efforts for 15 individual KLiNGEL-Group brands across 12 European countries. These efforts include performance marketing, campaign management, and a wide array of feed-based marketing tactics like search and social media advertising. K-New Media’s clients expect them to work quickly and achieve outstanding results. In feed-based marketing, top tier results require an efficient approach to managing product feeds, along with access to the tools necessary to boost the agility and quality of product data. K-New Media, however, was lacking both

Number of brands: 15

Number of markets: 12

Use case: Google Shopping ads


  • Gain independence from IT
  • Improve clients’ feed quality & performance
  • Get ads live faster


K-New Media’s marketing team relied on IT for support with their feed management efforts. This not only slowed down processes, but limited their ability to optimize clients’ feeds to their full potential. Their approach left them facing three key challenges.

1. Efficient & quality customization of multiple product feeds for 15 brands across 12 countries

The maintenance and customization of product feeds required heavy collaboration between K-New Media’s marketing and IT teams. This often left marketing unable to move forward, as they had to wait for edits to be made by another team. Moreover, since their internal configuration had to be written in XML, in-depth customization simply demanded too much time for non-programmers. K-New Media needed to find a way to reduce the man-power required to maintain and adjust product feeds.

2. Product feed enhancement with additional data from secondary sources

K-New Media’s approach to feed management was highly manual. Without a capable feed management solution or at least some level of automation, they were not able to add any additional product information from other sources. This means, if a clients’ main feed didn’t contain product margins, they could not be added. This setback drastically reduced the quality potential of their clients’ feeds.

3. Reliable export structure

K-New Media needed to reliably and regularly export hundreds of product feeds to a variety of channels. This typically requires a server with sufficient storage and the capacity to move a massive amount of data. Theirs, however, lacked server space. It often became overloaded by the number of product feeds, which resulted in feeds with mistakes being exported or exports not being completed at all.

It became clear to K-New Media’s marketing team that performing manual edits and working with IT on feed management tasks was not efficient. They needed a solution that would enable them to work smarter and allow them to focus on performance-driven product feed optimizations.


Everything changed once K-New Media found the powerful feed management and optimization solution, Productsup.

1. Power to fetch and merge product data from unlimited sources

Productsup built a custom API connection to enable K-New Media to seamlessly import product data directly from their clients’ databank. No matter where this data is kept and in what format, they can retrieve it within just minutes. This has increased their flexibility and reduced the time spent on feed management. What’s more, the marketing team can now easily enhance product feeds with additional, value-adding product information. The process of importing an additional data source on Productsup is as simple as importing the feed and identifying the connecting attribute. Then, voilà! The additional information is then instantly integrated into the main feed. K-New Media can now be sure that all of their feeds are complete as possible. On top of that, no feed is too large and no feeds are too many on Productsup, so they never have to worry about server space again.

2. Business-user friendly product feed customization tools

With Productsup’s built-in data editing capabilities, paired with its drag-and-drop functionality, K-New Media’s marketing team could customize any size product feed with just a few clicks. This allowed them to become completely independent from IT and nearly all manual tasks. Moreover, every account manager at K-New Media can now adjust feeds for any of their clients according to their specific needs – in a fraction of the time. Now, XML file-handling is a thing of the past.
The ability to visualize our data and quickly analyze values within each column is incredibly helpful for feed optimization. You just know exactly what you are working with!
Eva Novakova
Technical Manager SEA


Thanks to Productsup, K-New Media’s marketing team has been able to focus in on the performance of their products on feed-based channels. Instead of waiting around for IT to perform small edits, the marketing team can now create high-performing, channel-ready product feeds all on their own and in a fraction of the time it used to take. The increase in feed quality and accuracy has resulted in a 30% uplift in CTR and a 20% boost in conversion rate on Google Shopping. Moreover, with the time and resources saved from automating manual tasks, K-New Media can export even more feeds than before. This has resulted in a 45% increase in ad impressions. K-New Media’s marketing team no longer has to worry about advertising unavailable products or inaccurate pricing, thanks to their custom-built API on Productsup. Now, they can easily define, customize, and schedule times to fetch and deliver price or stock level updates to all their marketing partners.

We were looking for a reliable feed management solution that would give our employees flexibility and independence from IT in feed creation so they could easily and quickly implement their requirements. As the results show, we made a good choice with Productsup.
Mathias Wolff
Managing Director

About K-New Media

K-New Media creates and executes online marketing solutions over all channels such as performance marketing, SEO, social media, content marketing, campaign management, and business intelligence. To bring the best results, they have 80 employees from 11 different countries, which support the team not only with their professional knowledge but also linguistically.

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