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Seller & vendor onboarding

Make the most of your retail partnerships by seamlessly integrating with and standardizing product data from all your sellers, vendors, and third-party data providers.

Speed up onboarding processes
Tackle backlogs and onboard new seller and vendor feeds with ease.
Achieve higher data quality
Transform disorganized data into a perfectly structured and compelling catalog.
Publish product information faster
Delight sellers and audiences by delivering new products and experiences.

Move beyond the backlog with automated seller onboarding

The Productsup platform provides the tools you need to integrate, manage, and stay on top of seller feeds so you can give every partner the special attention they deserve.

“Productsup allows us to easily and seamlessly manage and integrate feeds in our day-to-day business – it’s a massive help in growing our business.”
Benjamin Schoelzel
Head of Operations

What to expect

Here’s what seller onboarding looks like on Productsup.

Collect and centralize product feeds from any supplier

Never worry about format or quantity. Create a seamless connection to any and all suppliers so you can easily control your data in one place, with one solution.

Real, complete product data control

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Popular features

On top of built-in connections, bulk editing tools, and powerful automation, the Productsup platform includes numerous additional features to help you do more, faster.

Data Map

Get complete oversight of your product data flow – from source to end destination.

PIM integrations

Connect seamlessly to your suppliers’ PIM systems and raw data with built-in integrations.

Bulk editing options

Use 200+ drag-and-drop bulk-editing options to quickly manipulate, cleanse, and optimize product data.

Delta uploads

Minimize processing times by uploading only new and updated attributes rather than complete product catalogs.


Get an automated analysis of each and every attribute, pinpointing errors and missed opportunities, to ensure feeds are channel-ready.

Custom templates

Create custom templates so all incoming data can be automatically mapped according to your site requirements.

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