One global marketplace and social commerce experience

    Productsup helps you integrate and aggregate product information value across thousands of supplier catalogs to sell smartly without hassle.

    Real-time, right first time omnichannel sales

    Accurate and synchronized stock information drives positive product experiences, inspires great reviews, and keeps shoppers coming back. Productsup Order Synchronization delivers complete oversight of your orders. Never worry about out-of-stock product listings again.


    “Not having to manually add products to Amazon eliminated the most time-consuming aspect of the process. Based on successful past experiences, Productsup was the logical tool to be used for this project.”

    Iris van Hees
    Former Ad Tech Consultant

    Customer experience redefined

    Standout product experiences start with seamless and reliable marketplace connections. Productsup provides direct API connections to niche, local, and global marketplaces, with built-in marketplace catalog templates to speed up uploading, so your team can distribute tailored content and reach new markets in minutes.


    Productsup in action

    Reliable. Seamless. Simple. Integrate your content with marketplaces everywhere with Productsup.

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      Smart value chain automation

      Use schedules and direct API connections to automatically fetch, cleanse, prepare, and distribute product content.

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      International reach

      Reach new marketplaces on your own with sharp, up-to-date product content that drives conversions and returns around the globe. Integrate shop system data and analytics feeds, then distribute tailored content to over 2500 channels.

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      Easy usability

      Enable your team to work with your product content using simple drag-and-drop tools in an intuitive UI. Build up best practices once and agility forever.

    Social commerce guide and webinars

    Win the social commerce race

    Would you like to learn more about social commerce? We’ve created two guides and a a webinar series to help you to sell more on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest.

    Gain complete control of product data. Effortlessly.

    Let’s discuss how Productsup can empower your team. No sales pitch. Just the salient points.

    We help over 900 companies achieve their ambitions.

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