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Product feed management

Provide shoppers with a compelling product experience by crafting top-quality product feeds, perfectly tailored and optimized for channels and audiences.

Cleanse, optimize, and sell more
The average shopper will have up to 500 touchpoints before making a purchase. The Productsup platform enables you to accurately tailor product data in bulk and optimize every last detail so you can make the most of each touchpoint and stand out against competitors.
Empower marketers to craft strong product experiences
Contextualize product data for any channel
Enhance product feeds for maximum performance

Take complete control of your product feeds

The Productsup platform lets you centralize all your work. Integrate with PIM, spreadsheets, shop systems, and more. Optimize in bulk for maximum returns, and reach over 2000 channels with ease – no questions asked, no coding required.

Take complete control of your product feeds
“Productsup is a great tool for feed management that allows us to control the selling of our wide range. There's a lot of flexibility to run automatic campaigns in different players.”
Victoria Eugenia del Hoyoa
National Search Project Leader

What to expect

Here’s what feed management looks like on Productsup.

Tailor your product data

Tailor your product data

  • Gather from any source, from PIM to spreadsheets and beyond.
  • Structure your feed instantly with built-in channel templates.
  • Standardize copy and formatting according to brand or channel guidelines.
  • Apply changes in bulk with 200+ drag-and-droppable edits.
Tailor your product data
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Real, complete product data control

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Popular features

On top of automation, thousands of built-in connections, and easy editing tools, the Productsup platform includes the feature you need to achieve more.

Data Map

Get complete, easy-to-understand oversight of your product data flow, from integration to distribution.

Creative Optimization

Dynamically generate information-rich images for every product in your catalog.

Channel Previews

Look through your customer’s eyes by getting an exact preview of your listings and ads before they go live.

Black and whitelists

Make tailoring and managing campaigns easy by segmenting data based on blacklists or whitelists.


Ensure error-free, channel-ready catalogs with a thorough and automated review of every product attribute.

A/B testing

Test product data feed variants in order to pinpoint the absolute best performing version.

Google Shopping
K New Media

K-New media & Google Shopping

Find out how in-house online marketing agency, K-New Media, increased conversion for their clients by 20% on Google Shopping.

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