Dynamic image and video creation

Make every product a showstopper with customized and dynamically generated ad creative.

Get noticed

Get your brand noticed with product images and videos that break through the clutter. Enrich images with purchase-influencing information like price, size, logos, and more or turn static images into compelling videos.

Use templates and bulk editing options to instantly enhance product creative.
Make changes and add elements easily using drag and drop functionality.
Personalize creative according to any channel, market, and audience.

Image designer

Break through the clutter and inspire action with information-rich, dynamic product images.

In order to reach consumers in today’s highly saturated ecommerce market, you need to create product images that both grab attention and inspire action. By enriching every ad image in your arsenal with compelling product details, you can make the most of every touchpoint.


Dynamic templates

800+ fonts for text overlay

200+ icons

“I’ve been using Productsup for five years in various positions at different companies, so I was happy to learn that I could continue to work with the same software when I joined Made.com. I manage around 20 export channels: obviously Google, Facebook, Criteo, the big players, but also the smaller PLAs.”
Online Marketing Manager

Dynamic video

Create unique, captivating product videos to fuel your rich media ad campaigns at scale.

Great product video ads fill the gap between online and offline shopping. The Productsup Dynamic Video solution lets you create product videos out of static images, so you can capture attention, showcase products, and drive more conversions.


Personalized audio

Automated video templates

High-resolution rich media content

Additional features
Whether you’re marketing hotels, products, or your brick-and-mortar stores, the Productsup platform has the features to help your creative stand out.
Weather Company API
Automatically add real-time weather reports to your creative with our OpenWeatherMap integration.
Geolocation service
Easily generate the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of your location-based offers using the addresses in your feed.
TripAdvisor API
Add credibility to your images and videos by showcasing current TripAdvisor ratings.
A/B testing
Create and compare different versions of your creative to find your best fit and maximize performance.

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