The Productsup platform for real product data control.

Master the ecommerce ecosystem

The Productsup platform provides powerful, multifunctional, and easy-to-use tools to help any business achieve digital transformation. No matter your industry, vertical, or objective, you can take control of your product data and make the most of every data point.

Modern technology that works for you

The Productsup platform offers a machine learning and AI-driven approach to product data management. Every feature is designed to help businesses boost efficiency and scale. Whether making bulk changes or granular edits – the platform works for you.

Data integration & standardization

Gather and normalize product data of any kind, from any source, no matter the format.

Built-in import integrations
Fetch data from anywhere using a variety of integrations, including PIMs, DAMs, shop systems, content databases, and more.
Import scheduling
Define an import schedule to automatically pull product data at a pace that works for your business.
Data merging
Merge incoming data into your existing product feeds or create new feeds using raw data from numerous sources.
Unify disorganized and siloed data by standardizing all incoming content to fit your defined structure.

Content tailoring

Turn raw product data into structured catalogs that fit the unique requirements of any channel.

Channel templates
Map product data according to the unique requirements of 1500+ channels by using up-to-date channel templates.
Channel readiness reports
Get an exact and visual assessment of each product’s channel-readiness, including missing information and overall health.
250+ editing options
Apply changes to your product feed in bulk using a variety of intuitive editing options to tailor price formats, character counts, and more.
Custom templates
Craft custom templates that match any unique channel requirements so that all incoming product data can be instantly structured.
“You can easily copy and paste existing feeds. Many templates already exist in the platform. The support team is amazing and goes far and beyond to solve any problems. There is nothing you cannot do with Productsup when it comes to feed management.”
Martin Zirfas
Senior Performance Marketing Executive

Customization & optimization

Optimize product catalogs to achieve maximum performance on every channel and in any market.

Performance reporting
Analyze individual channel performance and visualize key metrics like CPC, clicks, and other KPIs.
ROI strategy
Identify poor and top-performing products based on your KPI metrics and implement necessary changes with just a few clicks.
Dynamic images and videos
Generate creative for every product in your catalog, dynamically infused with information like product title, promo details, logos, and more.
A/B testing
Test and compare variants of your product data to identify which version drives the best results.
Optimization reports
Get an overview of missed opportunities in relation to optional attributes, channel-specific best practices, and more.


Distribute product catalogs in any format to any channel, no matter the market.

1500+ built-in export integrations
Publish or deliver product catalogs to marketing, shopping, retail, and business channels, or request a custom integration.
Item setup sheet solution
Deliver product information in the format defined by any industry or market, including item setup sheets, BMEcat, and more.
Export scheduling
Define an export schedule to automatically distribute product content according to your business needs.
Delta uploads
Upload new or updated product information without having to deliver your entire product catalog again and again.

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